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Get £ 10 off your first transfer when you sign up to Azimo using this link. I have tried it and it works. + they have very good rates with free first 3 transfers. referral hidden

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10€/£ FREE in AZIMO with code IGNACIOT7 💰💰 1) Sign up with this link: referral hidden or this code: IGNACIOT7 2) Make a 100€/£ between two of your accounts in different countries (1-2 days) 3) You’ll play only 90 and they’ll add 10.

£10/€10 off your first transfer over £100.

£10/€10 off your first transfer over £100.

Get £10/€10 off your first transfer over £100.

Send money to more than 200 countries and territories with Azimo. Use your friend’s invite link below and you’ll receive £10 off your next transfer. Receive £50 each if you register as a business.

Receive £10/€10 off your first transfer over £100/€100. Send £100/€100 but pay only £90/€90 with no transfer fee. Azimo is a trusted fund transfer service that has been conquering the hearts of personal and business users alike. With some of the best rates and fees in the game, Azimo has taken the banking transfer world over by storm. Partnering up with hundreds of countries worldwide, Azimo is available to use from the UK to most nations today! Maximize your time and money tod

Earn exclusive rewards when your friends invest. Without limits!



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