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About Refzo

What is referral?

When you refer your friends to a new service or product, that company rewards you in the form of discounts, credits or money.

What is Refzo?

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What is the benefit of sharing my referral/searching for referral on Refzo?

We are the fastest growing platform in the world for sharing referrals. When you choose Refzo over Google Play store/ product store/company website to download the app/use service/product, you increase your chances of getting discounts/rewards/money. When you share your referral on Refzo, the maximum number of users can use your referral link to use service/product which means maximum profit and maximum happiness :)

Post Referral

Why do you verify the referral links before posting it on a website?

We enhance your referral links by adding company logo, correcting wrong web address (If any) so that maximum people can use it with ease.

How much time it would take to display posted referral?

Our team relentlessly work to provide you with quality service! It won't take more than 24 hours to display your referral once you posted it on Refzo.