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Humble Bundle

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The PC game subscription that lets you choose games every month to keep forever

If you refer a friend for Humble Monthly subscription (12$ - lots of free games) then you will get $8 credit.

How to use

* INVITE FRIENDS Share your unique referral link with friends via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon, or whatever you prefer. You can refer up to a total of 30 friends. * THEY SUBSCRIBE For a friend to sign up with your referral link, they'll just need to be a brand-new subscriber with a Humble account. The rest is easy. * YOU GET CREDIT You will automatically receive US$8 in Humble Wallet credit for every new subscriber you refer. You can spend Humble Wallet credit on awesome stuff in the Humble Store.

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A $200 bundle of games that you can get for just $12! Different games each month. One month gives you access to 90+ more games for free.

Humble Bundle lets you buy bundles of video games at a discount. They also offer some books and products.

Humble Bundle lets you buy bundles of video games at a discount. They also offer some books, games and products. Good Rate book + some charity option too

Subscribe for Humble monthly for 12$, and get lots of free games + earn credits for your referrals.



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