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Presenting the ICICI Bank Credit Card Referral Programme! Here’s an exclusive offer for ICICI Bank Credit Cardholders. Refer an ICICI Bank Credit Card to your friends and relatives and get 2,000 reward points*. All you need to start referring is an existing credit card number and iMobile app installed on your phone. The cardholder has to refer his/ her friend and relative through ‘Refer a friend section’ using iMobile app. The referrer will get 2,000 bonus PAYBACK reward points on successful card setup of the referee in his/ her credit card account. The referrer has to enter the existing ICICI Bank Credit Card number while referring the referee, else no reward points will be credited to his/ her card account.

How to use

Step 1: Download iMobile Download iMobile app from given link Step 2: Activate iMobile Once the iMobile application is downloaded, follow given steps to activate iMobile Open and install the application Select I am NRI user Select the country code Enter the user id. Then click on activate Login PIN Set a 4-digit Login PIN of your choice. This PIN will be required each time you log in to iMobile application. We suggest you choose a PIN different from your other PINs (ATM, Phone Banking, etc.) Do not share this pin with anyone else Internet Banking User id and Password Log in using your Internet Banking User ID/ password. In case you need your User ID Password Step 3: Authenticate your account and login Once the Login option is selected, log into iMobile. First-time users need to complete a one-time grid card authentication. The applicant has to put the grid values as given on the back of the Debit card of your chosen bank account. Each time you start the application, the app will prompt for the chosen login method. The app will prompt you for your Grid Card authentication for all financial transactions. iMobile is compatible with any handset having



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