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MXC MEXC Fraternity Referral and Equally Shared Referral Code-Davet Kodu: ♥♥mexc-rb♥♥

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MXC MEXC 100% Discount [50% Spot + 50% Futures] and 1000$ USDT Futures Bonus. You get 40% Spot + 40% Futures commission discount and 10% Spot + 10% Futures profit. And in addition 1000$ USDT Futures Bonus. Fraternity Referral and Equally Shared Referral Code Link: ♥♥referral hidden♥♥

up to 40% referral commission

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In case main referral dosen't work, try one of these :)

1) up to 50% free discount of trading fee; 2) Sign-up bonus of USDT25 After KYC, deposit at least USD 100, and will receive sign-up bonus of USDT25 in Rewards page.

When you input the referral code 1FgBA , you recive 10% discount off all your trading fees. You will also recive $30 USDT if you deposit $1000. On top of that, you can also recive more than $9.000 in bonuses!



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