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Register and receive 10€ on signup, plus 25€ cashback when you make your first investment! Refer your friends and you'll both receive €25 cashback, when your friend invests! Thank you for using my link!

Sign-up to Rendity using this referral link to receive €25 bonus on your first incestment! In addition you will receive a signup bonus (exact amount shown on the sign-up screen).

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Get a small 1% cashback for first 90 days + 10€ referral hidden

Get 10€ immediately on signup. Invest and get additional 25€ cashback!!! Refer your Friends and share €50 each time: you'll both receive €25 cashback, when your friend invests! Thank you!

Rendity is an online real estate lending and property share investment network that allows users to lend to and invest in real estate in Austria and Germany. Get €100 on sign up using my code

Sing up to Rendity to share €50-€200 bonus with me on your first investment! Make sure "Recommendation" is selected in the "How did you hear about Rendity?" box. When you invest in one of the real estate projects you will receive the referral bonus (another €25-€100, exact amount shown on the 1st page)



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