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💰Use my link referral hidden Just deposit 100€ or currency equivalent and receive up to 200€ in free crypto. 💰

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1. Make a €50 deposit (or equivalent). 2. Receive one e-ticket in app. 3. Scratch the reward e-ticket and earn up to €100 (in CHSB). All e-tickets contain money (up to €100)!!!

Reward ticket from one to 100€ in crypto CHSB After at least 50€ deposit in fiat or crypto

Reward ticket from 1€ to 100€ in CHSB. (After at least 50€ deposit in fiat or crypto) Use the link referral hidden

Sign up with promo code stefanIGNP and earn free up to 100€ CHSB to kickstart your crypto portfolio with SwissBorg. referral hidden

Get started now with a Swissborg Ticket🚀 and win up to € 100. Simply register via my link and top up the account with € 50. And you already have the chance of up to € 100 free!

Sign up to SwissBorg Wealth App, deposit €50 or more, and earn up to €100 in CHSB!



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