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Receive a BONUS of up to 1,000 YLD!!!

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Please use my link to receive a BONUS of up to 1,000 YLD (random reward from 100 YLD to 1,000 YLD)! The BONUS is be paid to your Yield App wallet 31 days after you have deposited at least $1,000 worth of crypto and staked 1,000 YLD tokens to become a Silver Tier Member. Thank you for using my link!

Register and deposit at least the mentioned amount to receive a random reward from 100 YLD to 1,000 YLD.

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Register with my link to get a random BONUS of up to 1,000 YLD (from 100 YLD to 1,000 YLD)! To get the BONUS you must deploy $1,000 or more into Yield App portfolios and stake or lock a minimum of 1,000 YLD for 30 days. THANK YOU!



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